What is the Legion?

It is a response to the call made by two Popes -
Blessed Pius IX and Benedict XVI -
to confront the 'dictatorship of relativism'.

Legionaries promote the 12 Promises of the Sacred heart in the context of the 'New Apologetics' - putting 'logic at the service of the Faith' to re-evangelize the baptized.

Eager to learn from Him who is 'Meek and Humble of Heart', Legionaries dedicate time, prayer and resources to contend for the Faith delivered unto the Saints (Jude 1:3). Sacred Heart Legionaries are careful not to confuse 'meekness and humility' with 'weakness and mediocrity'.

They call upon Lay Catholics from all walks of life in North America to make a commitment to a greater learning, love of and service to the Catholic Faith.


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