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Re-Discovering Christ


Rediscovering Christ 2000 AD

Who was that young Jewish Carpenter who emerged from an obscure province of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago?

Is faith just a matter of personal choice?

Or was that young carpenter really God?

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To Be or not To Be: that is the question

How often we hear the word ecumenism used today.

That being so, we must remember that there are two kinds of ecumenism:  a true ecumenism that brings all peoples together into one Faith under one Shepherd, and a false ecumenism that attempts to bring all faiths together into one people.

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Apologetics On Air

I usually prefer to get a window seat to see the cloud formations above the Tasman Sea on my left, and the setting sun dipping into the Indian Ocean, ahead of the plane.

If I do not get a window seat, I am quite happy with an aisle seat - but never the seat in the middle...

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Why Celibacy?

The Biblical foundations of priestly and Religious Celibacy

Had my fundamentalist acquaintance known a little of the Churchís early history, he could have spared himself an embarrassment. His customary anti-Catholic resentment, contained during most of our conversation came alive;

"Paul warned us Christians against celibacy, every one knows that."

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Women Priests: Why Not?

Does a female priesthood reflect the Mind of Christ?

You will find the answer, and more, in this e-book based on a discussion with some trendy nuns in favour of women priests in the Catholic Church.

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The Angelus

In a recent past, we used to pause at 6:00 PM, recollect our thoughts, place ourselves in Godís presence, and utter a beautiful prayer.

Nowadays, with the growth of Islam, this prayer is the greatest affirmation of our Catholic Faith; Christ was indeed conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary!

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Statues or Idols

True to their word, my Jehovahís Witnesses acquaintances returned...much to my delight.  After our discussion about repetitive prayer, the man and the woman brought no apprentice this time. 

They were pretty clued up in their incredible creed, Bible in hand, itching to joust.

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Sola Scriptura

Take a journey into the heart of Scripture to discover if the Bible alone is sufficient to know the Truth about Christ.

Find out why sola scriptura is unhistorical, unreasonable, unworkable and unscriptural!

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The Great Apostasy

Did it happen?

If the Catholic Church failed in holding the true Faith, then Protestant denominations may be right. 

But if not, none of them can justify themselves; each is just a branch that broke away from the vine.

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