List of Past Seminars

2010 Schedule

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Phillipines   NOVEMBER 5-7
Pro-Life Asia-Pacific Conference.
Manila, Phillipines

Italy   OCTOBER 5-10
Pro-Life International Conference.
Rome, Italy

America   September 15
Jersey Shore

Canada flag   SEPTEMBER 3-5
Marian Eucharistic Conference.
Winnipeg, Canada

 US-Flag   June 26
Scranton, PA

'Cast the Gauntlet' Pro-Life Conference II
3 main Speakers:

Colleen Hammond
Raymond de Souza
Fr. Gregory Finn

US-Flag   JUNE 11-12
Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference.
Dulles Airport, Washington DC.

US-Flag   JUNE 4-6
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Parish.
Ukrainian Eparchy Evangelization Conference
Detroit, MI 20/eparchy-plans-fiftieth-jubilee

US-Flag   MAY 21-22 
St. Paul’s Parish
1580 Brown Street
Akron, OH 44301-2757  
Beginning at 9:00 am till 5:00 pm
"Mysterium Fidei Eucharistic Seminar"

Canada-Flag   Saturday May 15 Conférence Pro-Vie à Québec

US-Flag   Wednesday, May 12th
Eve of Feast of the Ascension
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
1101 Willow St. Peckville, PA. 18452
"The De-Christianization of the West"

US-Flag   April 13th – Legatus
Chapter of Wilmington, DE

April 14th – Legatus
Chapter of Providence, RI

May 18th – Legatus
Chapter of Manhattan, NY


US-Flag  APRIL 10
"Cast the Gauntlet" Scranton Pro-Life Conference.
3 main speakers:
Fr. Thomas Euteneuer
Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand
Raymond de Souza

Brazil-Flag  MARCH 11-23
Pro-Life Campaigns in Brazil.
Interviews with Canção Nova television.

US-Flag  MARCH 7-9
St. Teresa’s Parish, Summit NJ

Sunday, March 7th 7:00PM-8:00PM:
Jesus' Presence in the Eucharist: Real... or Figurative?

Monday, March 8th 7:00PM-8:00PM:
What is Good and Evil? -
Rediscovery of the Sense of Sin

Tuesday, March 9th 7:00PM-8:00PM:
The De-Christianization of the West -
A Catholic Response

US-Flag  MARCH 6
Holy Trinity Church
315 Lawrie St. Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
Bi-lingual Apologetics Day (English/Spanish)

 US-Flag   FEBRUARY 21-25
EWTN studios, Birmingham, AL.
EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network


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