Smoking and Aborting

Raymond and Theresa de SouzaIn 2003, Theresa and Raymond de Souza co-authored a brief, piercing study into the double-standard policy of MPs (Mere Politicians) in Australia.  See how the Health Promotion Department of Western Australia denigrates smoking at the expense of the baby's health.   Ask for yourself the three 3, million-dollar questions every mother should ask.  Find out why governments worldwide enact such insane policies.

Smoking is discouraged because it harms the pre-born baby's health.  But these same politicians support legalized abortion even during the first three weeks of pregnancy.  Where is their sanity?  Who decides the fate of the baby?  A mother's whims?  Can this be legal? 

Former smokers themselves, Theresa and Raymond understand the stigma most smokers are forced to endure.  As parents of eight children, they have battled for the pro-life cause over a decade.  

Read their scathing report.

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