Selected Testimonies about the 'New Apologetics Course'

Under the blessing the Metropolitan Archbishop of Western Australia, Archbishop Barry Hickey, this Course was originally launched in Australia as 'New Apologetics by Mail Course'.  Donors joined the Legion of Saint Gabriel, committed to the study of apologetics and deepening their devotion.  They received monthly mailings over the course of several years. 

New Apologetics Course

"Many thanks for all that you have sent us.  The group are appreciating the contents and discussions we have are pretty lively." 

M.D., Dorrigo, NSW.

"Thank you, Archbishop Hickey and the team working with you to establish this most promising evangelization programme." 

L.R., Towradgi, NSW.

"Thank you so much for the Apologetics by Mail.  I now have a greater understanding of my faith and God bless you for promoting the faith and the way for Catholics to defend it." 

 A.F., Ellenbrook, WA.

"Although I have been in the Catholic environment for a few years now, this year at Easter time, I officially became Catholic... at last.  Catholic Apologetics played an important part in helping me to see Catholic." 

A.P., Salisbury, SA.

"Your work is a blessing.  May it well bear fruits, the fruit that will endure.  Faithfullness and holiness are the ones that the Lord God requires to those whom He calls.  I say Amen."

A., Oakleigh, VA.

"Thank you so much for offering such an exceptional form of re-educating the Baptised!  Your lessons have been invaluable and very much looked forward to each month.  I have showed my Parish Priest the folder I have made with all the lessons and tapes.  He seemed to be impressed and asked 'Why haven't I heard of this?' ... I pray that in the New Year he will embrace it for our parish!  God bless you all for your incredible faith and dedication." 

R.E., St. Albans, VIC.

"You're doing a geat job so I pray you will be infinitely blessed!" 

R.E., Marlo, VIC.

"Your newsletters and tapes are delightful and I totally agree with your analysis of the problem.  I have been and am a catechist since 1983 and have found the situtation exactly as you have analysed." 

D.F., North Sydney, NSW.

"I would like to say thank you for the good reading and understanding that I got out from the Legion of Saint Gabriel and also the tape.  It is very interesting.  We sit in a group and listen to the tape.  So now these ladies would like to join the Legion of Saint Gabriel."

L.M., Edmounton, QLD.

"We thank you for this opportunity to learn more of our faith and find Raymond's talks most inspiring."

A.M., Chidlow, WA.

"I cannot tell you how pleased we are to be able, in our very small way, to support this evangelism effort."

J.G., Toowoomba, QLD.

"Great work!  Praise God!" 

C.B., West Pennant Hills, NSW.

"I would love to contribue to St. Gabriel Communications. Thank you for all the work you are doing to help us all."

L.W., Beaudesert, QLD.

"Thought your 1st tape was exactly what is needed.  Am looking forward to the following tapes."

C.S., Trigg, WA.

"A friend has given me a copy of your brochuer re: Saint Gabriel Communications which I consider is very necessary if we are to halt the slide into a Godless society."

B.E., Edgewater, WA.

"Thank you for the audio tape of the re-evangelization programme on the crucial questions of the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Immediately as I received it I played it and liked it immensely.  Thank you also for your first and second mailing of the New Apologetics by Mail Course.  I have read them both, and was pleased with their presentation."

G.B.  Werribee, VIC.

"I was so excited to hear about what you are doing... It has given us so much hope and I pray that God bless you in what you are doing.  It is wonderful to know that people are actively trying to make a change for the better...Thank you for what you are doing."

M.P. Hillside, VIC.

"Today when beauty, goodness and true love are being ridiculed and ugliness, horror and sensuality is praised, glorified and sought at every instance how can that be turned around? ... As you know, the Holy Spirit will help us to say and do what needs to be said and done at the right and appropriate time.  And you are doing just that."

W.W.,  Dunoon, NSW.

"Received your tape yesterday "Was Jesus Christ Truly God Incarnate".  The content is really wonderful and exactly what young people should know."

A.D., Woodlands, WA.


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