The Ultimate Voter's Guide

Raymond and Theresa de SouzaWhat do monkeys and liberal politicians have in common? What are the Four Big Questions to ask every politician?  What are the 5 Non-Negotiables?  Are you a Turkey...or are you an Eagle?

Today the family is splitting apart.  The right to liberty is being crushed.  Freedom, speech and religion are evidently repulsive to a secularized, political machine.  Liberal politicians monkey about with the power the people delegated to them as if they are unaccountable, invincible, unstoppable.

No matter where we live, politics plays a vital part of who we are.  Amazed at how fast the basic rights of every citizen are being destroyed, Raymond and Theresa have stepped up the plate and co-authored a definitive set of questions that hit home hard.

Download and please share "The Ultimate Voter's Guide".  Help take the monkey business out of politics.

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Socialism spurs America to abandon her Christian origins and success, whereas the Free Market, correctly understood and practiced, remains the path to realize the American dream.

Adolpho Lindenberg brings to the layman a clear understanding of the pros and cons of contemporary economics in the light of Catholic social teaching. He invites readers to debate some current issues with an open, impartial mind, always faithful to the principles of common sense, ethics and Natural Law. Whether for a teacher, parent or student, this book unfolds a clear panorama to make sense of the confusion of modern economics.

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